James & Peggy

Covering all the angles

James Casey

James has been working as a photography teacher and studio photographer for nearly 20 years. He has extenstive experience in the production of sophisticated and high-end production techniques whilst always coming back to the key ethos of making people feel comfortable. James also works as a visualsation artist and project manager which allows him to move nimbally across workflows to achieve the needs of the client.

Peggy Pollock

Having been raised in a household of award winning artists, its no suprise that Peggy has ambitions to express herself artistically across a variety of platforms. As well as being the founder of RollerGirls, Peggy has made a name for herself as a lifestyle and events photographer. As well as having exceptional skills, she brings grace and charm to all of her projects whilst making all of her subjects feel safe and comfortable.

Gilles Freluche

Gilles is an exceptional world class illustrator and is a contributor to JP's design services. Gilles has won countless awards for his contribution to illustration both at home in France and across Europe.

Working with James on layout and bringing the traditional to the digital, JP can provide artisan to cutting edge visual solutions for your projects.