Taking care of the design and photographic element so that you can focus do what you do best.

Event Photography

As well as exceptional photography skills - Peggy & James are friendly, outgoing and bring life to any gathering whilst maintaining  a high level of professionalism. Our event photography can be pitched to a multitude of projects including weddings, corporate events and much more. Get in touch to find out more.

Event Videography

Sometimes a photo needs narrative. James has been working as a videographer for over 15 years and provides an exceptional work practice that  includes pre-production, shooting, editing and post. We provide end to end project solution for your events that can be scaled to your requirements and budget.

Presentation & Design

We offer presentation services to support you when making pitches to your clients. Our design services include 3d Previz, Digital Illustration, Web Design, VR and Traditional Print. We have 20 years experience in a project development and production with a vast toolset to helping you acheive your message.