Kuenringer Apotheke Zwettl

You can spot my photos being used in the interior from the outside already. Cooperating with the pharmacys management, I picked the best-fitting images for the various product categories from my existing photo collection.
Additionally, I also produced portrait-, workflow- and product photos for them, as you can see below.

kuenringer2 kuenringer5 kuenringer6 kuenringer24 kuenringer20
kuenringer3 kuenringer12 kuenringer21 kuenringer18
kuenringer17 kuenringer1 kuenringer10 kuenringer22
kuenringer8 kuenringer16 kuenringer23 kuenringer15
kuenringer19 kuenringer9 kuenringer13 kuenringer26 kuenringer27
kuenringer7 kuenringer11 kuenringer14 kuenringer25 kuenringer28

Nørderd Vodka: Social Media content creation

I also had the honour to create Social Media content for Nørderd Vodka. To begin with, I only had the image of the bottle itself.
This job was a great practice for my Photoshop skills, since it required me to apply advanced techniques and play around with shadow and shine.

norderd1 norderd9
norderd2 norderd10
norderd3 norderd11
norderd4 norderd12
norderd5 norderd13

Gymnasium Waidhofen a. d. Thaya: Drone piloting and video cutting

Another few jobs I got to work on, mainly as a drone pilot but also as a video cutter.

Other work & additional info

Besides these main jobs, I furthermore already have refined and converted flyers and created posters for events. All done with the Adobe Creative Suite.

On my Instagram Account in the story highlight "Work", you can find further insight into shooting days.

And of course, a special thank you goes to my uncle Matthias Ledwinka/Delight Mediadesign, who has made most of this possible by passing on some of his tasks to me.

You can also find me on these platforms:

Email: jonahp.photography@gmail.com